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Make the most of your time with the doctor.

What is this?

With AtriaMD, you can send information securely to the physician before your visit starts. We guide you through focused questions related to your concerns, then we send a summary of your responses to the doctor.

How does this help?

Your doctor can spend less time typing notes and more time focusing on you and your concerns. It also allows you to take the time to think through your answers so you can give the most accurate information.

Will this get me seen sooner / later?

No, you will be seen by the doctor at the same time regardless of your use of AtriaMD.

Is this safe?

We use encryption and other strong security measures to maximize the safety of your information. Also, your answers are not linked to any identifying information (eg name, date of birth, or health card number) on our server.

What happens to the data?

Once the summary is sent to the doctor, all of your data is completely destroyed. We cannot and do not use your information in any other way. That's a promise.

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